Answer for What’s the difference between a Top and a Dominant, or between a bottom and a submissive?

Topping and bottoming are activities that occur in the moment.  If, for example, you are spanking someone for five minutes, for those five minutes, you are a Top. If you are the one receiving the spanking, that would make you the bottom.  Domination and submission (D/s) aren’t just activities, they are relationship dynamics, which may or may not include topping and bottoming.  Topping/bottoming is about who is in charge of what you are doing right now.  D/s is about who is in charge of your relationship and how it is managed.  Is there often a great deal of overlap? Of course there is.  But that doesn’t make them the same thing.  It’s entirely possible for someone to be a Dominant and a Bottom at the same time (or conversely, a Submissive and a Top at the same time).  Understanding the subtle differences can make a huge difference in finding happiness in the BDSM lifestyle.