Answer for What should I say after sex to my partner?

It’s a very complex question. So let’s just try to limit it to specifics. The idea is to be very sensitive because she’s now in a position where she needs to be richer and you need to be supportive of the woman that you just indulged. There is a situation that happens after climax or after an encounter, but we’ll get to it in a future video.
So that is the number one thing, to be sensitive, reassuring, and of course, compliment her. That’s very crucial. Many women feel uncomfortable, maybe discouraged, or insecure after having sex. So complimenting her would be a terrific thing to do. The next thing to do is to make a commitment for your next time together, whether it is a sexual or friendly commitment to see each other again, regardless of sex. That’s a very important thing to do right after having sex because a woman needs to be reassured.
And of course, what not to do – do not every jump out of bed and start checking your phone. That is something that happens often, and I hear that complaint a lot. That’s not something you should do. You should definitely avoid it, and that includes any social activity, which could be a laptop or a cellphone or an iPad or whatever it is. Don’t do it.
The second thing you should not do is to make her wait for your call. Be courteous. Be a gentleman. Approach her in a timely manner. Never play a game or test her interest. I know that there’s a tendency to plan on – maybe she should call me, maybe she should approach me, maybe there should a certain amount of days before we pursue something additional. Forget these rules. Just go with what your heart tells you. And most of all, be a gentleman.