Answer for We really like our best friends & want to swing with them. How do we ask?

Hi there, thanks for your question on ‘how to become a swinger with our best friends’. That’s easy… you don’t! That is I wouldn’t unless you are prepared to lose them as friends. Thing is, they may not be interested in the lifestyle, or worse do not agree with the whole concept. So are you prepared to lose them? Think about it. If you ask and they say no, and are really against swinging, then the fact that not only are you swingers but you tried to get them into it too. This could cause an immediate (or slow and painful) wedge between the four of you. Honestly, best friends are very hard to find and there are so many other willing couples out there, why take the chance on losing your best friends? Bottom line it is up to you, but I would suggest you look online or at swing clubs to find couples to play with. I hope I answered your question w

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