Answer for Married swingers are thinking of going to a Las Vegas swingers club, but a bit nervous.

Don’t worry, that’s normal for married swingers new to the scene to think. I would be concerned if you weren’t a bit nervous. It’s just like anything else that’s a brand new experience. Imagine walking into a dance club and not knowing anyone else there but you knew you wanted to meet others, how would you feel? Nervous, right? See it’s a normal feeling, just don’t let it take over for you. My advice would be to not hide in the corner unless you don’t want anyone to talk to you, I suggest hanging out at the bar. That is generally where most people are, plus it has the added bonus that you can say hi and start a conversation when people come up to get a drink. Thereby, making it an easy place to meet a fair bit of people within the evening. You can then talk in more depth with any of the ones you find really interesting without any pressure as you are just 2 or 4 people chatting at the bar. See nothing to be nervous about. You will be fine once you get there and hear the music playing. When I visit Vegas I definitely check in to a Las Vegas swingers club or two :). Introduce yourself if you see me!

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