Answer for My wife and I want to go on a holiday, but aren’t sure if we are ready to swing yet?

So you are basically looking for an erotic holiday that the two of you can enjoy, and if everyone is in the right mood things may happen with another couple. Bet you are just a little worried that if you go on a “married couples swinging holiday” that you will be expected to have sex with other couples. That is not true, but the possibility that you will be approached by another couple looking to have sex with you is high. Thing is you can just say that you are not interested as you are very new to all of this and are not sure if you are even ready for anything. Chances are that you will still get a friend out of them and they will help you talk through some of the issues or questions you may be having. Also many swinger trips do not have sex out in the open. Meaning that there are designated “play rooms” where couple get together, if not in your own room, or cabin in the case of a cruise ship. So you can just relax and enjoy your erotic trip, even if you only have sex with each other.

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