Answer for Is Prostate Pleasure for Me?

Basically, prostate stimulation can trigger an ejaculatory orgasm with or without simultaneous cock stimulation.
When prostate massage leads to an ejaculatory orgasm without cock stimulation it is sometimes referred to as “milking the prostate.”  However, this term is also sometimes used to mean prostate massage generally, since massage stimulates the release of prostatic fluid.  It is common for fluid to run from the tip of the cock, ranging from a few drops to an abundant flow, even without ejaculation.
It is worth noting that too much penis stimulation with prostate stimulation will make most men orgasm too quickly.
If you are able to resist the impulse to ejaculate, you can linger in that “preorgasmic feeling.”  Prostate play can give you the feeling of impending orgasm for an extended period of time, instead of just a few moments before ejaculation, as with a typical ejaculatory orgasm.
You can stimulate the prostate by reaching a short distance inside the body – about 3-4 inches anally and pressing through the front wall.  
When first starting out it is a good idea to start solo for your first few tries.  Even if your partner is experienced and skilled doing it by yourself allows you to get comfortable with the new sensation in a pressure-free environment.
Trim your nails.
Remember lubrication.  The rectum does not self-lubricate and without lube anal penetration can be uncomfortable.
Relax your mind.  Minimize distractions.
Breathe deeply.
Relax your body.  A good way to get the ass to relax is to massage it or rim the asshole by licking it.  When you are ready to slip inside, go very slowly and gently.  You can apply some pressure but you shouldn’t force your way in.  Once inside, don’t jump straight into movement.  Let the ass adjust to being penetrated by holding still for a moment.  
I would recommend getting to know the anatomy of your body and the placement of the prostate.  Experiment with slower, lighter touches.  Then later, once you’ve learned to feel your prostate, you can see how it likes firmer, quicker strokes.  
For some men, the prostate feels good to the touch from the very first go.  Others find prostate sensations very subtle in the beginning.