Answer for I fantasize about other people when I have sex with my husband. Is this normal?

If I was to hazard a guess, I would say that 50-75% of people are fantasizing about someone else during sex (at least part of the time). My question to you is… Are you fantasizing about a movie star, someone you know, or a random person? Are they replacing your partner during sex, or are they an additional person joining the two of you? I ask all of that for this. If it is a movie or rock star I would not do anything about it. If it is someone you know, I would suggest leaving that one alone as well, because there are so many complications to bringing a friend or neighbour into your bedroom. If it is a random person and they are joining you two, now we’re talking. It sounds like you are interested in giving swinging a try. Talk to your husband about it. A great way to bring it up is in the bedroom, in the beginnings of making love say to him, “wouldn’t it feel good to have another girl kissing you while I suck your cock?”. What guy would take that the wrong way? You never know, he may have been thinking the same thing but didn’t know how to approach you about it. Enjoy… Sandi

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